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Antwerp Diamonds


Why buy direct from Antwerp Diamonds (USA)™? We are the only North American diamond company that provides you with a direct connection between the world’s diamond capitol in Antwerp and your next incentive program. As a result, you have a consistent source of high quality natural certified diamonds and you have these natural certified diamonds at the best possible prices without any middleman. For the first time ever you will only pay for the intrinsic value of these natural certified diamonds in 14k or 18k stunning gold settings…not retail prices.

Each Antwerp Diamonds (USA)™ comes with its own Certificate of Origin and Authenticity. This provides a guarantee that every diamond we sell is a natural diamond of the highest quality and that it was “Cut to perfection in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world”. Our direct business-to-business pricing guarantees you that your diamonds will always appraise higher than your purchase price. That makes every Antwerp Diamonds (USA)™ incentive reward a lasting and treasured possession.