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Antwerp Silver  SILVERPROOFSET-2021

2021 United States Mint Silver Proof Set-7...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB180813R

Milgraine design diamond wedding band with 14...

Antwerp Silver  ER20032

Freshwater Pearl Huggie Earrings with 10 mm,...

Antwerp Diamonds  CD13102Y

"Acute" oblong fashion forward cocktail ring...

Antwerp Diamonds  PP7500W

Classic 14KT White Gold Large Pearl and...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER19101W

Round Diamond Concave Curve Earrings- 14k...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER08078W

Bamboo Diamond Hoop Earrings .15 ct total wt...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB10082W

Beautifully Classic Five Stone Diamond Ring in...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD18091W

14k white gold Classic Diamond-By-The-Yard...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB12093Y

Delicate Diamond "Shared-prong" Wedding Band...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB3294Y

Classic Channel Diamond Band-.11 tw, 10 round...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD200215W

Bezel Prong "Trilogy" Necklace in 14KT White...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER12072W

Classic Diamond Hoop Earrings set with 10...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD21058Y

Designer Twisted Cross Necklace with 3...

Antwerp Silver  ENPR24CZ-2.00

Combination Royal Princess Stud Earrings and...

Antwerp Diamonds  CD09111Y

Diamond "Love Knot" Ring in 14k yellow gold...

Antwerp Diamonds  CD130215BLK

New Antwerp " Black and White Infinity"...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB180813W

Milgraine design diamond wedding band with 14...

Antwerp Silver  ER12011

Full Moon Earrings, Double-Circle Earrings in...

Antwerp Silver  ER16023

Wide textured hoop earrings with cubic...

Antwerp Diamonds  LM16122W

Triple halo fashion wedding band with ctr...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD21032Y

"Mini Milgraine" Bar necklace in 14k yellow...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD20024Y

Our Curved-Bar Necklace with a subtle curve...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER18056W

Antwerp Diamonds new "Triple Jump" Drop Halo...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER060313

Straight Line, Bezel Set Diamond Earrings

Antwerp Silver  BRD20034

Antwerp "Stretch Silver Ball" bracelet with...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD16063Y

Designer "Designer Snowflake" Necklace in 14k...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD120211Y

"Beating" Heart Necklace with Two Brilliant...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD21058W

Designer Twisted Cross Necklace with 3...

Antwerp Diamonds  NPR24Y-15

Dream Princess Necklace .15tcw - Yellow Gold

Antwerp Diamonds  PD05082W

Gold and Diamond Straight line Cross Necklace-...

Antwerp Silver  ER24CZBLUE-2.00

Silver CZ Blue "Royal Stud" Earrings-4.00tcw

Antwerp Silver  EPR24CZ-1.50

Silver CZ "Royal Princess" Earrings-3.00 CT tw

Antwerp Diamonds  PD21032W

"Mini Milgraine" Bar necklace in 14k white...

Antwerp Silver  EAGLESSILVER100-24 (24 coins)

United States Treasury American Eagle One...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD17067Y

Shared-Prong Horizontal "Trilogy" Necklace...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER07103Y

Floating Heart Diamond Earrings .06tcw - 14k...

Antwerp Silver  PD12107

"Triple Pave" Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver

Antwerp Silver  BRD11023

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia 5-row...

Antwerp Silver  ER20028

Antwerp Sterling Silver "Baguette Blue"...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB100316W

Diamond Antique Band with milgrain edge...

Antwerp Silver  ER11028

Sterling silver Hoop Earrings with cubic zirconia

Antwerp Diamonds  PD200311Y

Diamond Mini Pave Heart Pendant in 14k Yellow...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER17127W

Antwerp Diamond "Modern Bar" earrings in 14K...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD09059W

Marquise Diamond Drop Halo Pendant with center...

Antwerp Silver  ER14019

Silver "Pear shape Halo Dangle" Earrings in...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER2200W

Forever Pearl and Diamond Dangle Earrings in...

Antwerp Diamonds  CD19062W

"Blooming Bead" fashion style ring with beaded...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER10105

Diamond Designer Dangle Earrings .31tcw -...

Antwerp Diamonds  CD150610W

Vertical Diamond Studded Bar Ring in 14kt...