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Antwerp Silver  ENPR24CZ-1.00

Combination Royal Princess Stud Earrings and...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD14012

"Tennis Racket" necklace with 17 round...

Antwerp Silver  BRD16033

New gents double black leather bracelet with...

Antwerp Diamonds  R34W-35-2-20

Trilogy Ring with 3 round brilliant cut...

Antwerp Silver  N24CZRED-2.00

Sterling Silver "Dream CZ Necklace in Red"-2.00tcw

Antwerp Diamonds  N14Y-30

Diamond Dream Bezel Necklace .30tcw, Yellow Gold

Antwerp Diamonds  N24W-30

Diamond Dream Necklace .30 total carat weight...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD09072

Pave Diamond Key Pendant

Antwerp Diamonds  PD7275Y

Gold and Diamond Cross .50tcw - 14k Yellow...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD10094

Forever Diamond Teardrop Necklace

Antwerp Silver  ER110415

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia Pave Round...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD6852R-1.00

14k Rose gold Classic Diamond-By-The-Yard...

Antwerp Diamonds  N24Y-70

Diamond Dream Necklace .70tcw, Yellow Gold

Antwerp Silver  ER14036

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia Huggie...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD19061W

Antwerp "Beaded Bezel" Diamond Cross necklace...

Antwerp Diamonds  CD15111Y

Diamond Two Stone Intertwined Love Ring in...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD18011Y

"Bezel Bar Abstraction" Necklace in 14k yellow...

Antwerp Diamonds  CD10104W

Diamond Disc Fashion Ring-cluster style in 14k...

Antwerp Diamonds  EAGLES-100

Coin-USA/American Eagle $50 Liberty Coin, 1...

Antwerp Diamonds  EPR24W2-10

Royal Princess Stud Earrings .20 carat total...

Antwerp Silver  BRD11029

Pave Black Link Bracelet

Antwerp Silver  ER110419

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia Pave Round...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB11015W

Designer prong wedding band in 14k wg with 13...

Antwerp Silver  ER17078

Pearls "Triple Dangle" Earrings with three...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER12054Y

"French Dangle" Pearl and Diamond...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB3294W

Classic Channel Diamond Band-.11 total weight,...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD13056W

"Infinity Necklace" with Black & White...

Antwerp Diamonds  CD19037Y

Fashion Pave Diamond Disc Ring in 14kt Yellow...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD21043Y

Diamond "Linked to You" Bar Necklace in 14k...

Antwerp Silver  EAGLESSILVER100-12 (12 coins)

United States Treasury American Eagle One...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER17062W

Antwerp Diamonds new "Double Drop Pear Dangle"...

Antwerp Diamonds  G061014

Gents solitaire diamond band

Antwerp Diamonds  LB15078W

Delicate Diamond Wedding Band in 14k White...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD060610

Diamond Key Pendant - White Gold

Antwerp Diamonds  CD08068W

Diamond Peace Sign Fashion Ring In 14k white gold

Antwerp Diamonds  ER150514W

Antwerp diamonds new "Pear Shape Drop Dangle"...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD040215W-36

Circle Of Life Pendant .36tcw - White Gold

Antwerp Silver  ER24CZMINT-2.00

Silver CZ Mint "Royal Stud" Earrings-4.00tcw

Antwerp Diamonds  CD030811W

Antwerp Gorgeous Contemporary Diamond Ring in...

Antwerp Silver  ER24CZ-2.00

Silver cubic zirconia "Royal Stud" Earrings -...

Antwerp Diamonds  LB07036

Vintage Style Bezel-Set Trilogy Ring in 14k...

Antwerp Diamonds  PP16043Y

Antwerp New Reverse "V" style drop necklace...

Antwerp Diamonds  PD14103W

Large "Graduated Crescent" Necklace set with...

Antwerp Silver  ER13113

Silver "Princess Cut Halo" Earrings

Antwerp Silver  BRD140913

New gents black Leather Bracelet with sterling...

Antwerp Diamonds  G04053

Gents beveled 3-stone diamond band

Antwerp Diamonds  PD7275W

Gold and Diamond Cross .50tcw - 14k White ...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER17072W

Diamond "Clone" cluster Earrings with 14 round...

Antwerp Diamonds  ER200313Y

Antwerp New "Fishtail Drop" pearl earrings...

Antwerp Diamonds  CS110610Y

Antwerp Mini "Princess Diana" sapphire fashion...