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Antwerp Silver  ER15024

Designer Button Earrings in Sterling Silver...

Antwerp Silver  PD15019

Antwerp Silver genuine round Labrodite...

Antwerp Silver  PP17077

Quadruple' Pearl Lariat Necklace with multiple...

Antwerp Silver  ER24CZ-.25

Silver CZ "Royal Stud" Earrings-.50tcw

Antwerp Silver  ER121211

Silver "Cushion Halo" Earrings

Antwerp Silver  PD20036

New "Sliding" Silver Ball Necklace With...

Antwerp Silver  PD12077

Silver Four Graduated Circle Necklace with CZ

Antwerp Silver  PD121018

"Triple Oval" Glamour Necklace in Sterling Silver

Antwerp Silver  ER22072

Sterling silver "Inside-Out" Hoop Earrings...

Antwerp Silver  ER16021

Stunning Double Halo Earring Studs in sterling...

Antwerp Silver  PD03054CZ

Sterling Silver Star of Brilliance Necklace

Antwerp Silver  PD17039

"Pave Butterfly" Necklace with pave set .75 ct...

Antwerp Silver  PD121016W

"Pave Wreath" Necklace in White Sterling Silver

Antwerp Silver  ER18093

"Quad Dangle" Moonstone Earrings with 8...

Antwerp Silver  ER22031

Sterling silver "Inside-Out" Hoop Earrings...

Antwerp Silver  ER24CZGREEN-2.00

Silver CZ Green "Royal Stud" Earrings-4.00tcw

Antwerp Silver  NOV24CZ-2.00

Sterling Silver "Dream Necklace" with Oval cut...

Antwerp Silver  ER15032

Pearl "Tassle Pearl" Earrings with two 12 mm,...

Antwerp Silver  ER21054

Antwerp's Crystal Quartz Earrings are bezel...

Antwerp Silver  N24CZ-1.00

Silver "Dream Necklace" with cubic zirconia -...

Antwerp Silver  ER15084

Classic Trilogy Earrings with 6 round cz...

Antwerp Silver  ER200211

Antwerp Silver "Triple Gorgeous" Dangle...

Antwerp Silver  PD120213

"Pave"Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver and CZ

Antwerp Silver  BRD11026

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia 15-row...

Antwerp Silver  BRD17022

Sterling Silver "Halo" style Bracelet-18.00 ct...

Antwerp Silver  ER19022

Pearl "Victory Post" Pearl Earrings with two...

Antwerp Silver  PD110913

Sterling Silver Tennis Necklace-7.50tcw cubic...

Antwerp Silver  PD18053

Antwerp Silver "Lightning Bolt" Drop Necklace...

Antwerp Silver  ER110416

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia Pave Oval...

Antwerp Silver  PD19025

Antwerp Silver "Socrates" Necklace with .35...

Antwerp Silver  PD12078

Multi-Clover Necklace with 158 CZ in Sterling...

Antwerp Silver  PD20039

Antwerp's Blue Quartz Necklace is made with a...

Antwerp Silver  ER18027

Antwerp Silver "Dragonfly" Earrings with Cubic...