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Antwerp Silver  ER21022

Antwerp Silver "Soft Cluster" drop Earrings...

Antwerp Silver  PD06054CZ

Large Silver "Pave Heart" Necklace In Sterling...

Antwerp Silver  ERPD15026

Beautiful Sterling Silver "Emerald Halo"...

Antwerp Silver  N24CZEC-.50

Silver Emerald Cut "Dream Necklace" with EC...

Antwerp Silver  ER20027

"Long Diamond" Dangle Earrings in Sterling...

Antwerp Silver  ER17034

New "Rectangular Huggies" Earrings in sterling...

Antwerp Silver  N24CZBLUE-2.00

Sterling Silver "Dream CZ Necklace in...

Antwerp Silver  PD17102

"Dangle Sterling by the Yard" necklace with 7...

Antwerp Silver  PD12011

Full Moon, Double-Circle Necklace in Sterling...

Antwerp Silver  EPR24CZ-1.00

Silver cubic zirconia "Royal Princess"...

Antwerp Silver  PD14018

"Sterling by the Yard" necklace with 10 round...

Antwerp Silver  ERPD14053

"Double Date" Vertical Bar Earrings and...

Antwerp Silver  PD21091

"MINI BEAD" necklace with 2.5 mm round beads...

Antwerp Silver  PD110912

Sterling Silver Tennis Necklace-11.00tcw cubic...

Antwerp Silver  N24CZ-2.00

Silver "Dream Necklace" with cubic zirconia -...

Antwerp Silver  PD13038

Beautiful sterling silver "Cushion Halo"...

Antwerp Silver  ERPD121012

Beautiful sterling silver "Round Halo"...

Antwerp Silver  ER15033

Pearl "Double Link" Earrings with 1 round...

Antwerp Silver  NPR24CZ-5.00

Sterling Silver "Dream Necklace" with Princess...

Antwerp Silver  KENNEDY50-12

President John F. Kennedy 2021 Half...

Antwerp Silver  BRD21025

Sterling Silver "Double Row" Tennis...

Antwerp Silver  SILVERPROOFSET-2021

2021 United States Mint Silver Proof Set-7...

Antwerp Silver  ER20032

Freshwater Pearl Huggie Earrings with 10 mm,...

Antwerp Silver  ENPR24CZ-2.00

Combination Royal Princess Stud Earrings and...

Antwerp Silver  ER12011

Full Moon Earrings, Double-Circle Earrings in...

Antwerp Silver  ER16023

Wide textured hoop earrings with cubic...

Antwerp Silver  BRD20034

Antwerp "Stretch Silver Ball" bracelet with...

Antwerp Silver  ER24CZBLUE-2.00

Silver CZ Blue "Royal Stud" Earrings-4.00tcw

Antwerp Silver  EPR24CZ-1.50

Silver CZ "Royal Princess" Earrings-3.00 CT tw

Antwerp Silver  EAGLESSILVER100-24 (24 coins)

United States Treasury American Eagle One...

Antwerp Silver  PD12107

"Triple Pave" Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver

Antwerp Silver  BRD11023

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia 5-row...

Antwerp Silver  ER20028

Antwerp Sterling Silver "Baguette Blue"...

Antwerp Silver  ER11028

Sterling silver Hoop Earrings with cubic zirconia

Antwerp Silver  ER14019

Silver "Pear shape Halo Dangle" Earrings in...

Antwerp Silver  BRD11025

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia 7-row...

Antwerp Silver  EPR24CZ-2.00

Silver cubic zirconia "Royal Princess"...

Antwerp Silver  BRDPP12000

Pearl-by-the-Yard Bracelet and Necklace combo...

Antwerp Silver  ER20035

Genuine Sterling Silver Ball Stud Earrings,...

Antwerp Silver  PD19026

"Heart worth Trillions" necklace in sterling...

Antwerp Silver  PD121012

"Halo Round" Pendant' with cubic zirconia

Antwerp Silver  N24CZ-3.00

Silver "Dream Necklace" with Cubic...

Antwerp Silver  PD14016

"Small pave heart" Necklace in sterling silver...

Antwerp Silver  ERPD15023

Beautiful Sterling Silver "Triangle Halo"...

Antwerp Silver  ERPD13038

Beautiful sterling silver "Cushion Halo"...

Antwerp Silver  EAGLESSILVER-PROOF100-2020

United States Treasury American Eagle Proof...

Antwerp Silver  ER110414Y

Sterling Silver with CZ Pave Round Hoop...

Antwerp Silver  PD180211

"Shimmering" heart necklace in sterling...

Antwerp Silver  PP21012

Mother of Pearl "Square" freshwater Pearl...

Antwerp Silver  PD14015

'Mini Cross" necklace with cubic zirconia set...